Resilience in Companies: The 5 Necessary Pillars To Strengthen in Crises

Resilience in Companies: The 5 Necessary Pillars To Strengthen in Crises

Like people, companies feel, they have a soul, and they need the appropriate resources in the midst of crises and limiting moments to get ahead. Even if they are well led and managed with skill, it is possible to emerge strengthened from those hinge experiences in the organizational sphere.


From the field of human behavioral sciences, resilience is the ability of a person to overcome extremely difficult traumatic circumstances to adapt more effectively to high-risk situations.

It is not about resisting what challenges the moment , but about acting positively despite the difficulties, and being able to transform that experience into a constructive one, to forge a new level of learning in life.


7 characteristics of resilience

In organizational resilience processes, these seven characteristics can be applied to model a new culture that will be marked by transformation and flexibility:


Introspection: having the ability in the company as a whole to look internally, ask difficult and challenging questions, and answer them honestly in order to have realistic views of the situation.

Independence: refers to the ability to dissociate and maintain an emotional distance from the real problem that is experienced in the company, without isolating or denying it.

Interaction: being able to establish satisfactory ties in interpersonal relationships within the organization, knowing that the conflicting emotions will always be present.

Initiative: to take charge of problems and have the ability to manage them appropriately.

Creativity: to order chaos and set goals.

Humor: focus on what is important and relativize stressful aspects, being positive in relationships and actions in the company in times of crisis.

Consciousness and values: from the person and the organization, use these pillars to recover from challenges.

These essential components that allow people to better cope with the challenges of the moment are often neglected in business. Closeness, words of support, recognition, awareness of the seriousness of things versus those that are not so serious, are other fundamental aspects to harmonize the team that, naturally, will be under the pressure of uncertainty.

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