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Recruitment represents a vital part of the Human Resource (HR) Management. The term Recruitment refers to the process of finding


Our Consulting Services take pride in meeting your business needs by offering unique and practical solutions of Human Resources 


Even the best employees are not as likely to succeed if they don’t have proper training. Employee training is an effective way to teach 

About Us

Founded in 2016 in Tehran, HCTLinked is a combination of a professional network and a meticulous search engine that is controlled by a team of professional recruiters and HR experts to provide national and international companies in Iran with trained, interviewed and qualified talents.
The outcome of various expertise in HCTLinked is a wide range of services including People and Job Search, Job Boards, Searching Salaries and Job Trends, Advertising and Producing Educational Materials, Uploading Resume by Job Seekers and Sharing with Employers.
We are here to create a widespread and meaningful link where potentials are well discovered and companies are professionally equipped with necessary employees.
Our goal is to be the leading CV Bank holder and Talent provider by organized training courses and plans..

Why HCTLinked

A few reasons why companies choose us.
we have the ability to make an efficient link between talents and organization
our recruiters are expert in identifying talents and matching them with the clients needs
we are cooperating universities and educational institutes very closely
experience of partnering multinational companies
more than 90 percent customer satisfaction in previous projects
providing development plans after hiring processes